Monday 17 December 2018

Blogmas Day Seventeen!

This year a lot of the houses around us seem to have gone crazy with decorations and lights outside! Normally we only see one or two in close proximity to us, but this year since James has started Beavers we have seen a lot more!

Last week was the last Beavers session of the term, so on the way home mummy got James to count sets of Christmas lights, trees and decorations he saw between the scout hut and our house!

To my surprise we actually saw 47 sets including out own!! There is one street we walk down on our way to and from Beavers that has five houses all in a clump which are totally decorated outside with lights and inflatables in the gardens!

There is another house which is on the street that runs parallel to ours that put its first lights up on November 1st! 

All we have done this year is put a set of battery operated lights across the top of our window, some gel stickers on the actual glass and some spray snow! 

The boys have really loved seeing all the lights this year and I hope the houses round us keep doing it! Who knows maybe next year we might do something a bit more to our house!

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