Monday 3 December 2018

Blogmas Day Three

Today day three is all about what Freddie is getting for Christmas. Now Freddie is only 3 so he hasn't really asked for anything and it's up to mummy and daddy to decide what to get him.

The first thing we have got him is a pull along Ninky Nonk! Freddie is literally obsessed with In The Night Garden and adores the Ninky Nonk so he is going to have so much fun with this! He gets so excited when he see's the Ninky Nonk come on the show

We have a Finding Nemo book. We are starting to buy Freddie lots of books as now he is getting older we want to start reading more with him. 

We have also bought him a Upgrow Creative Kids Digital Camera. Freddie is always wanting to steal my camera off me and even worse he tries to steal his Gaga's camera so we thought we would get him his own kids one. 

We decided to go for this one as it has nice chunky handles for him to hold and it is also pretty robust! We still need to get him a memory card for it, but I think we will probably go and get that in the boxing day sales!!

We have also got him a few matchbox cars that he can play with on the car track he got for his birthday. There is also a threading game where he can thread thick strings through wooden shapes. This will help him with his fine motor skills and I also think James will quite enjoy playing with this as well!

He also has the heat buddy and wash mitt like James. 

Some of the other things we have looked at for him include a cuddly Mr Dinosaur from Peppa Pig, a Hey Duggee backpack and also a George Pig Backpack!

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