Sunday 16 December 2018

Blogmas Day sixteen

Its Day 16 and it is time for another update on the elves!

On Day 11 we found them sat on our lounge floor playing with Freddie's bead toy from Ikea! They looked like they had been having a good time playing over night while we were in bed!

On Day 12 well mummy woke with a start at half past four realising she had forgot to set the elves up after the fiasco with James hospital appointment. So mummy leap out of bed and came downstairs! So when the boys got up they found the elves on daddy's PC!

On Day 13 the elves had been having a party on our lounge light fitting! It took James ages to spot them! Eventually we had to give him a few clues!

On Day 14 the pesky pair had climbed into out little tree decoration on our back window! They looked like they had been having a great time over night!

On Day 15 the elves took a trip to see Santa and brought back some snow but it melted!

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