Thursday 13 December 2018

Blogmas Day Thirteen

I cannot believe I have got to the 13th of December and not wrote about Freddie's 3rd Birthday!

The day started early thanks to big brother wanting us to get up, but we managed to get him to calm down and let Freddie sleep!

Once Freddie was awake James insisted on singing Happy Birthday to him in bed before we all went downstairs to start opening his presents!

To be honest I think Freddie was totally overwhelmed at the sight of his presents and it did take him a good while to get through opening them all! He loved the fact he now has a scooter like James and he was loving riding it around the house!

Mummy had to go to Tesco as she had forgotten to buy a candle for the birthday cake! So once mummy was home it was time for her to start cooking up all the party food for when Nana and Gaga came down at lunch time! Poor mummy didn't actually sit down from 1030am till 1 pm and was absolutely exhausted by bed time!

I think apart from the scooter, Freddie's favourite present had to be Boris the Fingerling hug from Nana and Gaga! They had got one for James for his birthday back in August and Freddie was totally obsessed with it, so they decided to get him his own and he adores it! It gets played with virtually every day!!

Gaga had made Freddie a dairy free cake complete with gummy bears on instead of chocolate buttons! Both boys adored the cake and made a lot of mess when eating it!

Two weeks later and I still can't believe we have a three year old lmao! I still keep accidentally calling him a two year old and Daddy has to keep correcting me!

There is such a big difference between James at 3 and Freddie at 3! For example with James you could have a full blown conversation and Freddie is only just starting to string short sentences together!

So thats a brief insight into Freddie turning Three!

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