Monday 24 December 2018

Blogmas Day Twenty Four

And so it is officially the last day of Blogmas! Although we do actually have an extra post going up tomorrow with the last few days of antics from the Elves!

What a brilliant few weeks of posting it has been! I won't lie and say its been easy trying to get a post up every day! Its been a lot of hard work and trying to fit blogging in while Freddie is asleep at night and while he has been in playgroup along with doing everything else I need to do in the house to get ready for the big man in red coming tonight!

Most of my posts have been written at night when Freddie is curled up asleep in bed next to me! A few times he has rolled over and put his head onto my arm while I have been typing!

Next year I aim to be even more prepared for Blogmas than I was this year! So for now I will leave it here and say Thanks for reading my daily ramblings, I hope you have enjoyed elf watch to see what Rhul and Elfis have been up to! Here's to a brilliant Christmas for everyone and an even more brilliant 2019!

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