Tuesday 18 December 2018

Blogmas Day Eighteen

Today I'm writing all about how the boys got their names! 

So our oldest is James Ian Michael. 

The James part came from my granddad on my mums side. He died a few moths before my mum and dad got married and if I had been a boy James would have been my name. 

The Ian part comes from my dad. I always said if i had a boy one day he would have Ian somewhere in his name!

The Michael part comes from Andy's dad. We said from day one we would use both of our dads names and we did.

Our youngest son is Freddie Andrew Tinline. 

The Freddie part comes from Andy's granddad on his mums side. He was named Frederick, but we felt that was a bit of a long name for a little boy so we went with Freddie.

The Andrew part obviously comes from Andy. We felt that the names went well together. 

And his finally name Tinline is actually my granddad on my mums sides middle name and it was his mums maiden name. We felt the boys should both have a name from him as I had never known him but was told lots about him!

So this is how the boys got their names!

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