Monday 10 December 2018

Blogmas Day Ten

I did a post last year about strange things your kids had asked for for Christmas on the back of one Christmas when James was about two when he asked Santa very seriously for milk and yoghurt!

This year the post is all about things your kids call Christmas! For example Freddie is obsessed with calling crisps Christmas! He started it when we were in Majorca back in October, We had a tube of pringles in our hotel room and he kept yelling Christmas Christmas and pointing at them! Since we got home all crisps have become Christmas to him!

So I asked s couple of my fellow parent bloggers and these were the answers I got!

Emma from said "My son was born on Christmas Day so its not actually anybody elses Christmas according to him - he calls it my Christmas. He asks is it nearly my Christmas?" I found this so adorable!

Jessica from said "My daughter is 3 and calls it HoHo she can say Christmas but HoHo has stuck" That is so sweet. Freddie does know that Christmas is other things ie the tree and decorations but calling crisps Christmas has just stuck even when we try to correct him!

I hope by next year Freddie is calling not calling crisps Christmas as it is already getting very confusing in our house!!

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