Tuesday 11 December 2018

Blogmas Day Eleven

So welcome back to Elf update!The Elves have been creating so much mischief in out 1house since our last update! They even went to stay at Nana and Gaga's house for a night and boy were they naughty!

On Day Six we found the elves had been a bit naught over night and were trying their hand at pole dancing on our light oops!

On Day Seven we found them sat on our sofa with Freddie's Fingerling Hug Boris reading them a story!

On Day Eight we found they had been playing with James toy tractor and had taken it for a ride in the lounge!

On Day Nine well this has to have been the naughtiest by far from these two cheeky elves!We had been staying with Nana and Gaga and Rhul and Elfis got into their wine cooler and helped themselves to Nana's Prosecco! 

On Day Ten after all their antics last night they decided to have a chilled out time and we found them curled up on the sofa with their heads on a cushion and a blanket over them!

Our next Elf update will be on 16th December! I wonder how naughty they will have been?

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