Saturday 26 October 2019

(AD) Paperless Post

These days everyone is all about doing things online, and paper invites or cards can be ignored. So when Paperless Post got in touch with us to see if we wanted to try out their service we jumped at the chance. 

 Paperless post is all about sending cards, invites and even flyers by email. You can send all sorts of cards, invites, flyers etc by Paperless Post. 

When you register on the site you get credited 25 coins and more coins can be purchased, starting at £8. 

We decided to use Paperless Post to design an invite to a tea party for Freddie's up coming fourth birthday to send to Nana and Gaga.

The design we looked at first was baby shark, but we then decided to go for something different. We then chose a space themed card which was fantastic! Freddie absolutely loves rockets and most things space related!

As you are making edits to the card, in the top right hand corner it shows you how many coins your card will cost you to send to each recipient. So the invited we designed for Freddie's birthday would cost 6 coins per recipient.

Over all we really enjoyed trying out Paperless Post. It is such a good idea, I've lost count of the amount of times James has been invited to parties and we have ended up losing the invite!! At least with using Paperless Post the invite will stay in your email inbox and you can set reminders for it!

And since we have some coins left over from making the invite for Freddie's birthday, We will use them to make some Christmas cards since we are so lax at actually writing and posting them to our friends and family!

**We were credited with Paperless Post Coins in exchange for this Review**

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