Wednesday 23 October 2019

Blogtober Day Twenty Three

Today the prompt I am using is "Weather"

So as most people know I live in the North East of England and the weather here is at the moment so cold! I know its only October but the temperatures have really dropped drastically and its now only getting to about 13 degrees during the day!

The boys are already wearing hats, scarfs and gloves to school some days. Our winters have definitely got colder over the last few years. Especially February and March, thats the months that the North East has had its snow! 

When James was in Year One the snow was so bad around us that the head teacher closed the school for two days as it was unsafe not only for the staff to drive to the school, but it was unsafe for the pupils and their families to walk to the school. We only live five minutes walk from the school front gates and it was so bad to walk. Freddie was only two so was still using a pushchair to get to and from his playgroup and we literally couldn't push it. I had to try and carry Freddie to playgroup on the Wednesday morning, then on the lunch time we got a message that the school was letting the kids go from 2pm so I had to go up and get James. Then I had to go round to the playgroup to pick up Freddie. 

I am really hoping we do not get as bad a winter this year as we had then, as having two boys off school will be a nightmare as they both love school and really miss it when they are not there!

So please keep your fingers crossed that winter 19/20 is not too bad for us!

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  1. I was always told it is colder in the North East than anywhere else in England but it's all lies. I think it's much colder in North Lincolnshire. lol
    I have a feeling that if it snows here my tweens school will be closed as a lot of the kids come from surrounding villages by bus which probably won't run.
    I used to pull my girls in a sledge if it was icy and the school was still open. x