Wednesday 30 October 2019

Blogtober Day Thirty

So today I am going to write about Pintrest!I have been on Pintrest for a few years now and I love it! 

When we were going on holiday last year, I was addicted to Pintrest for finding ways to entertain the kids in the airport, what to pack for them etc

I also searched the resort we were staying in to get lots of idea's about things we could do while we were there. 

I also used it when we were going to Alton Towers with the kids a few years ago. Again this was to get idea's on how to keep the kids entertained on the coach for six hours and what we would need to pack for them in the suitcase. 

Another trip I used it to get idea's for was for when we were traveling on the trains to and from Surrey to visit Andy's family. 

Travelling with the kids is the main time we use it to get idea's, especially if it is a long trip like the coach to Alton Towers or the train to London.

So for me I use Pintrest to get ideas for travelling.

I have now also set up a board called Scouting. Since I am becoming an assistant leader with James Beaver group I have been looking on Pintrest to get some ideas on things we can do with the kids to go towards their badges.

What do you use Pintrest for?

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