Thursday 24 October 2019

Blogtober Day Twenty Four

Today the Blogtober prompt is "Christmas"

I have to admit I have started sorting bits out for the boys for Christmas. The main problem we have for Christmas is Freddie having his birthday literally a month before Christmas day on 25th November.

As the boys are getting older we are starting to shop for them in the same age brackets for toys. Everything that James see's that he wants, Freddie then starts shouting that he wants it as well! The latest from James is playmobile based on Dreamworks Dragon. He loves that show so much, but Freddie rarely watches it yet he still wants some of the toys. The ones that James is pointing out that he wants are over £30!

Freddie is totally crazy about Hey Duggee, so I think a lot of the things he gets for Christmas is going to be related to that. He also loves the switch and go Dino that James got for his birthday, so if he doesn't get one of them for his birthday he will probably get one for Christmas. 

This year James will be taking part in the Key Stage Two Christmas performance at school so I will have two different performances to go to as Freddie will be part of the Foundation unit and Key Stage One. Freddie will also hopefully get to go see Santa at the school Christmas fair, which is for nursery to year two kids. Last year Freddie went to see Santa with playgroup and he cried the whole time we were there! We also went to a local garden centre to see Santa and he was ok, he didn't cry, but he didn't go into the grotto, He stood at the door with daddy and looked inside lol!

This year we have my parents coming to us for Christmas lunch which I am really excited about. They came to us for lunch a couple of years ago and it was so much fun! The boys had a great time and I really enjoyed cooking a full Christmas meal!

So what has everyone else got planned for Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!!

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