Thursday 31 October 2019

Blogtober Day Thirty One!

Its Day Thirty One! We have reached the last day of October and the final post of Blogtober 2019! 

I am so thrilled to have completed the challenge this year So our final Blogtober Post I am going to write about what the boys are wearing for Halloween.

After recent circumstances, James school decided not to have the Halloween party for Years One to Six and instead they just had a school disco. But there was a Halloween party at Beavers for James. 

James left getting his costume up to mummy and all I got told was it had to have a mask. So this year James is going as a glow in the dark skeleton. Mummy has also bought him some glow in the dark slap bands and some Halloween glow stick necklaces.

For Freddie, Nursery had a Halloween dress up day. Trying to find a costume for Freddie that was in two separate parts so he could still go to the toilet was so hard. So Freddie went to Nursery dressed as a spider! He looked so adorable.

We have brought both costumes to nana and gaga's house so the boys could wear them to show nana and gaga.


  1. So cute - first one reminds me of one my mum made for me when I was a child out of lining material and using trainer whitener for the bones. Well done on #Blogtober19

  2. Congrats on finishing Blogtober! Well done you. I have enjoyed reading your blog posts every day!
    The costumes look fab! They are both adorable x