Thursday 10 October 2019

Blogtober Day Ten!

Its day ten already and I am feeling so prepared this year with Blogtober posts! Today I am writing about my most played songs on my Spotify account. 

When I was a student at university I would always have music on when I was working in my room, or if I was traveling between home and university on the train I would have my iPod on. These days I use Spotify on my phone if I am listening to music when I am out or traveling back from mums on the bus sans kids! But my main time for listening to music is when I am blogging during the day or when I am cooking in the kitchen. We have one of the Spotify family accounts where we pay £14.99 a month and both Andy and myself can use it. We have Spotify hooked up to our Google Home Mini Speakers which are in our kitchen and in our bedroom. We may get another one to put into the boys room once its finished but its more likely to be a chrome cast we get for them. 

So when I am in the kitchen I tend to either play a playlist of songs I have put together. At the moment I am really liking the music of Shawn Mendes, so after listening to all three of his albums on Spotify I put together a playlist of some of his songs that I really like. I really love his early stuff from Handwritten and Illuminate like Life of the Party, Something Big and Nothing Holding Me Back. I also love Fallin All In You and If I Can't Have You which are both amazing!

I have also been playing the Jonas Brothers Sucker a lot and Freddie is totally obsessed with the song and he will actually run into the kitchen and shout "Hey Google Play Sucker!" We even have a playlist which is just Sucker on repeat five times! Its so funny when it starts again Freddie shouts "oh its another Sucker!" He gets so excited and dances round the kitchen when we have it on before school!

After these two playlists my next most played list is the Bedtime list. This is where I have saved the Disney Lullaby album that we play at bedtime for Freddie. Normally we don't even get halfway through the playlist before he is asleep.

I am always looking out for new music to listen to, even thought I tend to always revert back to my old favourites of Westlife and D-Side!


  1. My eldest daughter got me into Shaun Mendes and he's now sneaked into my playlist too!! My taste in music is so lame my Spotify playlist has to be a closely guarded secret!!! Ha!

  2. Ahh! I love Spotify and play it through our Google Home Mini. I have a few playlists which I play depending on what I'm doing or how I'm feeling.