Wednesday 9 October 2019

Blogtober Day Nine

Today's prompt is "A day in the life!" I am literally going to write this as a timeline as it is easier! This was my day last Friday the 4th October.

Both the kids were up by 6am and it was straight downstairs to get them both dressed for school and give them some breakfast. While the kids were eating both Andy and myself got ourselves showered and dressed for the day. Andy was working a 9-5 shift so he didnt need to leave the house till around twenty to eight.

The alarm on my phone goes off at 0825. This is to tell the boys they need to go to the toilet, get their shoes on and get their coats on. A second alarm goes off at 0830. This is the one that tells us we need to be leaving the house in the next five or ten minutes.

0840 we are at the school gate waiting for the caretaker to open it. Once the gate is open we cross the car park to the side gate and once that open we are into the back yard. Both the boys go off to play leaving mummy with two school bags, two water bottles and a pack lunch bag! 

0845 the staff open the main door at the back and James comes and says goodbye and grabs his stuff. I update his TA on how he is as his asthma has been flaring up with the drop in temperatures.

0850 and we are at the foundation unit gates as they are opened and its into the foundation playground for Freddie and his little friends. The reception class kids go straight in and just before 9am the nursery kids go in. 

Once Freddie is dropped off I have three hours to get stuff done! First I walk across to Tesco at Kingston Park so I can get the Free From Biscuits for Freddie, and the Bear Yoyo's and Fruit peelers for James pack lunch. I also grabbed two bits for Freddie for his birthday!

Since it was raining I decided to get the free bus home at 10am, I literally came in the house, put Freddie's free from pizza in freezer, unpacked rest of bags onto top of freezer and then went down to Aldi to get some more bits there. By the time I got home it was 11am and I had 40 minutes to have a cuppa before it was time to pick up Freddie at 1155.

1205 and we were back in the nice warm house and I had got Freddie out of his wet trousers and wet shoes. We have our lunch and spend the afternoon curled up on the sofa watching Hey Duggee. 

1500 we go out to pick up James from school and get home around 1545 as we had to go to local shop and mummy then started cooking up the Pizzas we had for tea. By the time all the pizzas cooked it was around quarter to five and daddy had sent a message to say he was on his way home!

The boys had their tea and watched some Cbeebies and played with the wooden train tracks. Freddie came and sat on sofa to watch bedtime hour and as soon as iggle piggle finished he was asking for bed. Mummy took him up and he was fast asleep by half past seven.

Mummy then came downstairs and booted up the laptop and got the blog work all up to date. 
9pm and it was bedtime for mummy!

So this is what last Friday looked like. Friday always seems to be the busiest day!


  1. It sounds like a non-stop day.
    I hated it when my youngest was in nursery and my eldest at school with the 3 school runs per day. It was horrible on wet days.

  2. you never seem to stop do you as a mum! #Blogtober

  3. Another mum working miracles every day - all power to you and make sure you look after yourself well as you have a lot on with looking after others #Blogtober19