Thursday 3 October 2019

Blogtober Day Three

Today the prompt I am using is "Organised Chaos!" This is definitely my life! 

Life with two boys is definitely chaos but it is mostly organised! On a daily basis I have to be organised for what the kids need to take with them to school and nursery! 

James has started taking pack lunches to school now that he has started in year three so that needs to be made the night before to save time the next morning! He also has to take a large water bottle, his reading book and his homework diary. Then on a Wednesday you have to add in his swimming kit as Wednesday is year three swimming day at a local pool. 

Freddie does not need to take that much with him to nursery bar a spare set of clothes which is kept in his bad. He also has a draw string bag on his peg with an extra set of clothes in. We did this because of his allergies in case he came into contact with his allergens aka wheat he would get a bad stomach quite quickly.

When the boys are in school and nursery I have three hours without Freddie to get all my blogging and web design done plus doing food shopping, washing cooking etc. 

And life is about to become even more hectic as I am taking over our local Beaver Colony after the October half term holiday, so I will be needing to allocate at least one of my three hour sessions a week to planning the sessions plus the actual meeting on a Thursday night!

So yes my life is definitely Organised Chaos!


  1. Ah I can so relate, my life has always been organised chaos. I remember being at the stage you are at now, with picking kids up and trying to fit in work and housework. I burnt myself out, so please remember that you need a little 'me' time too. x

  2. I can totally relate. I don't think it is possible to avoid organized chaos with kids!

  3. Wow you certainly are a busy bee! Feel like I’m always taking on more things even though I’ve no spare time haha x

  4. I think a lot of parenting is organised chaos. lol
    There is so much to think about when the kids are at school and nursery, even with my two being 12 & 17 I still nag at them to check they have everything they need.

  5. You sound like a wonder but then if we would only admit it to ourselves most of us mums are #Blogtober19