Tuesday 1 October 2019

Blogtober Day One

And so October has started and its time for Blogtober! Last year I totally did not even attempt blogging everyday in October, Probably because we spent a week of the month in Majorca and I knew I would not have the time to schedule posts!

This year though I have no excuses as I have 15 hours a week to dedicate to blogging while Freddie is at nursery and James is at school!

This year I am using a mixture of prompts from places and also including my normal monthly post of siblings and my weekly post of Living Arrows!

So today I am telling you all about ME!

My name is Victoria, but everyone calls me Vicki or Vic, but my dad is the only one who really calls me Victoria!

I was born in April 1985 so that makes me 34 years old! And yes I think I actually look my age now, especially since having James and Freddie

I've been married to Andy for eight years and we have been together for eleven years!

We live in a suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne and bought our house four years years ago!

We have two boys, James who is seven and in year three at school and Freddie who is almost four and has just started the nursery at James primary school!. 

In our eleven years together, me and Andy have lived in eight homes together, Three down in Surrey and the rest up here in the North East! Twice living with my parents!
We have no pets although James is desperate for a dog or a cat! He changes his mind on a daily basis! Both boys are not too keen on little dogs so I have no idea what we will eventually get, but it wont be until Freddie is at least six!!!

So this is all about me!!


  1. Nice to meet you Vickie, Hoping to read you more in #blogtober, it's always good to come across new blogs :)

  2. Nice to see you joining in with Blogtober. Good luck x

  3. Looking forward to reading more #blogtober posts!!

  4. Lovely to know about tiy. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts

  5. Lovely to meet you, 8 homes in 11 years how did you manage :). I too live in Surrey and originally come from the Midlands #blogtober

  6. Nice to meet you, looking forward to reading more. #blogtober

  7. Good luck with your Blogtober journey! x

  8. Nice to meet you, look forward to reading your post over the course of the month :)

  9. Good to meet you. I wonder if you see huge difference between the North East and Surrey? #Blogtober10